TARMAC, Lewisham Art House

Monday 16th January - Sunday 23rd January 2017

TARMAC brings together a diverse collection of artists and mediums spanning across disciplines including painting, sculpture, film and photography. Although Tarmac touches upon other themes such as; cinema, the everyday, the existential, juxtaposition, process and surface, they ultimately exist under the umbrella of exploring our reality. The work throughout this show plays with the idea of disrupting and altering that which already exists, whether it be a surface, object, or idea. Opening viewers up to the possibility that the way we view the world could be wrong, overturning established ideals and conclusions.




Abattoir, 22 Weydon Hill, Farnham

Thursday14th January 2016

Abattoir is an exhibition focussed on portraying the kitchen space as a heterotopia, where the function of the domestic space is displaced, and replaced with concepts of consumerism. The kitchen is reimagined as an extension of the abattoir, and acts as the transient space between the industry and the consumer. With work from Michael Alstad and Hilde Khron Huse, Abattoir aims to explore performance work as a means to re-invite function into a space, using sound and video to facilitate this. Heterotopia refers to physical and non-physical space, though in Abattoir this is applied through the separation of the kitchen from the domestic space, where control and mass production is utilised to feed the industry.




IRIS TURNS, Bargehouse, OXO Tower Warf

Thursday 9th March - Sunday 12th March 2017

IRIS TURNS encompassed all thirteen rooms of Bargehouse consisting of the works of thirty emerging artists who have spent the past three years exploring the diameters of both their technical and theoretical interests. The range of work on show poses questions for the immediate society. Ideas around accelerating digital technologies, narcissism and the body are sat beside more traditional interests in materials such as painting and sculpture. This diverse range of works is united by the aim of challenging an audience’s perception, subverting expectations to demystify assumed truths. Each artist has pushed the limits of their practice and the wider context that they sit within, in order to give a fresh and considered take on these historical and contemporary subjects.






No Ordinary Disruption, Flying Dutchman

Monday 26th September - Thursday 29th September 2016

No Ordinary Disruption combined a vast array of mediums in the unusual venue of the historic Victorian Pub that is the Flying Dutchman. Moving away from the institution and the typical white cube space. This location supported the intensions of creating dialogue between the work and its surrounding with a combination of audio visual work and tactile paintings.







Subversion 0.5, hARTs Lane Studio

Wednesday 2nd December - Friday 4th December 2015

Subversion 0.5 is the first independently curated exhibition from a collective group of art students currently studying at UCA Farnham. This exhibition brings together a range of mediums; film, sculpture and installation to provide an interim show that focuses on the transformative qualities of materials and their ability to provoke new experiences. The displayed works aim to move away from the institution and white cube space to explore alternative gallery spaces. The intention is to create a dialogue between the work and its surroundings, that subverts the viewer’s expectations. Subversion 0.5 touches upon a variation of emerging themes; cinema, the everyday, the existential, juxtaposition and process, but ultimately the work exists under the theme of subversion.